Chalk Games


Long ago in ancient times the children of sailors waited for their fathers return from sea

 mothers spent long hours alone at night making [|quilts] and designing patterns

 in bed at night they watched the stars

 ancient mariners studied the stars too

 “a good sailor could find

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his way from reading the nodes “

 all technology comes from the study of nature


 centuries later , when young boys played in the street , they pretended they were like their fathers out at sea finding their way home

 And, the young girls pretended they were mermaids, and swished their fishy tales…

 mothers watched from windows and still designed and sewed their patterned quilts


 dolphins were friends to man and saved many a sailor , like many a young lass would help a drowning man

 throw me a another line…

 young boys dreamed of adventures at sea and the freedom of the dolphins swimming alongside their ship

 “EEE eek iiiEEE” the dolphins wore smiles all of the time

 is it nature that they were happy and free

 like the children playing chalk games in the street under mother ‘s watchful eye


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it human nature they slept peaceful and dreamed under a mother’s quilt

 ♪ Day O. day

o, daylight come and me want to go home ♫♪

 ♫ mama look a boo boo , they shout , their mother tell them “shut up your mouth ” ♫

 [ |six months in a leaky boat]

 ♪ ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone ♪

 I was in jail for six months once

 know how good freedom feels , people take it for granted

 if men have forgotten how freedom feels and the world changes for the worse, to change this fight for survival , we look to the nature of the dolphins

 young girls swish

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their tails as they walk freely past the boys playing in the street

 in the betting world of the Racetrack , “chalk ” is a favorite


 [| child of nature , friend to man]



[| chalk games]


By: Diane Elaine Oswald